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Sometimes you just have to drop everything and run

I had no intention of getting back home from being snowed in at Megan’s and immediately packing my bags to leave again.

Jokingly, I had texted with our oldest sister Kristen and said, “I made it home safely! But being back home is feeling more bitter than sweet so I’m coming to you for my next sister fix!”

Well one text led to another and before I knew it, I was packing my bags.

I don’t know if it’s having the second dose of a covid vaccine. I don’t know if it’s hitting an absolute breaking point in saying “no” to things I want to scream “YES” to. I don’t know if it’s all of life’s moments reminding me lately how impermanent this all is. Maybe it’s all of these things. Maybe it’s none.

But, this time, I decided to scream “YES!”

And you know what? In spite of a long grueling drive, it turned out to be a soul filling trip. The kind that hugs your heart and promises to leave it’s mark there forever. We got to spend time with my grandparents (Landry’s great grandparents). We got sleepovers, slow mornings, and sandy beach memories with Kristen and her amazing boys. And we got to have lunch with and hug one of my best friends and favorite humans.

I have been so very careful, during these covid times we find ourselves in. I have forfeited two jobs I absolutely adore and boxed out people I care for, in the name of trying to do the best I can to meet the needs of everyone around me. And I will absolutely continue to make safe choices.

But you know what I’m absolutely going to start doing as well? Saying yes where it feels safe and right.

This life is oh so very fragile and short.

And sometimes you just have to drop everything and run.


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