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About Oh Four the Love
Oh- hello there!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our blog! We hope you'll feel at home here.


Allow us to introduce ourselves. An ode to the four sisters in total there are (pictured above), Oh- Four the Love is run by two of those sisters- Brittany and Megan. 

We have had our own unique journeys into motherhood, with our own set of growing pains along the way. We have learned to lean on each other more and more since becoming mothers, and we want you to be able to lean on us, too. It is our hope that through our stories, you will never feel alone or abnormal because of your own experiences. 

If you are looking for parenting and lifestyle stories that are open, honest, raw and maybe a little salty and sarcastic, this is the place for you. We are not perfect, and do not claim to be. Things get messy and complicated and challenging, but Oh- Four the Love, can it also be beautiful and special and downright magical. 

Whether you stumbled onto our site or came here with a purpose, we are so excited that you are here! We sincerely hope that we can be a part of your own unique parenting journey!


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About the mamas

About Brittany

Brittany lives with her family of four and mini doxie in Fort Worth, Texas. She is the bonus mom to a son (11), personal shopper for a daughter (2), and a skilled receipt extenuator to her husband of five years. When not at home trying to figure out how a week’s worth of snacks can evaporate in twenty minutes, you will find her either in her classroom upholding her decade long early childhood education career or lacing up her running shoes. ‘Mama’ is absolutely her favorite title and she is excited to share her journey with you. 

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