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You’re what I never knew I needed

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

If you know me, you know I’m a little type A and like the spaces I’m in to be orderly. My house is for sure lived in but it is organized. Clutter feels like it clutters my brain and I don’t function well when things are a mess. I just don’t. It’s like there are screaming piles of unfinished tasks burning all around me. So things have their place, here, and that’s where they go.

Tonight, I found myself grinning at your sparkly unicorn towel hanging haphazardly over my neatly hung ivory towel. It was a punchy accentuation to my otherwise very neutral palette. I never thought I’d love rainbows and unicorns but you changed all of that for me.

You came crashing into life with an intoxicating boldness. You love what you love and you make absolutely no apologies. I am learning so much from you, baby girl.

I never thought I’d be the parent with an easel and a mini Yukon parked in my living room. But here I am.

I never thought unicorn towels hanging all over the bathroom would make me break into a genuine smile.

But here I am.

I never thought cowgirl boots discarded just outside of their designated bin would feel right to me.

But here I am.

I never thought I’d be able to bear stickers plastered all over my coffee table for over 24 hours.

But here I am.

I never thought sticky fingerprints on my otherwise clean appliances would make my heart swell.

But here I am.

I never thought I would have rainbows hanging on every reachable surface.

But here I am.

Here I am living boldly by your example.

It’s odd to think how utterly incomplete I was, until I was gifted your missing piece. It’s like I never knew what I was missing until, suddenly, I was whole.

You are what I never knew I needed, Bitty girl; rainbow unicorns and all. And I am so thankful to be yours.


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