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The best accidental bath toys

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Does your little love bath time? Addison does. Aside from the first couple, she’s always really enjoyed her splash time. So much so, that although we don’t bathe her every night, we do set aside time for her to putz around. It helps her get her residual wiggles out, wind down and she knows that after splash time comes bedtime. It’s a part of our routine, and we all really enjoy the time together.

Now that Addison is getting older and interacting with the world around her more, we’ve started stepping our bath toy game up. For her birthday, we got her a couple more that we thought she would absolutely love. And then I purchased this other toy on a whim.

If I’m being honest, I wanted a mesh bag that would attach to the tub to hold all her toys so that they weren’t just hanging out on the bottom of the bathtub all the time. I just imagined if we had company (and then, lol, enter Covid-19 so that won’t be a thing for a while) and they needed to shower, they’d be sharing with Addison. I can’t imagine my dad or grandma staying with us while they visit from the East Coast, stepping all over squishy bath toys.

I am also a closet neat freak and just need things to have a place.

Enter Amazon.

When I searched for “mesh bath toy holder” on Amazon, this bad boy showed up.

The price was right, it looked like it would hold everything currently piling up in the tub, and so I hit purchase.

I wasn’t stoked about the foam letters and numbers, just because I didn’t think that Addison would really enjoy those as a bath toy, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to have them once she got a little older and was learning to spell and write.

Color me wrong, y’all.

When these showed up, we decided to (wash them and) add them to our bath that night. And bath time has never been the same since. As soon as we are done with the business portion of our bath, Addison turns to Michael and says, “DADA!” indicating she is ready for her letters to be released from their mesh prison.

Once out in the tub, she immediately gets to work sticking them to the tub and the tile, making stacks of them to see how many she can stick together at once and throwing them at Michael and me.

We have now started going through the different letters and numbers and telling her what they are. We talk about what the different colors are, and sometimes we spell out words (although, this is mostly Michael and I spelling out words to each other, it really is entertainment for everyone).

I may have purchased this bath toy solely for the mesh bags that it advertised, but I am so happy I opted for this one and not one with just bags. We have had the best time with these foam figures and foresee them being a part of our nightly splash for a while.

Want to give them a go yourself? Here’s a link to the exact ones we purchased.

Happy splashing, y’all!


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