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2020 Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner. Have you started shopping? Have you mapped out exactly what you’re getting everyone on your list? We’ve put together a little gift guide for you to help spur that gift giving thought process! Check them out below:

  1. Yeti Rambler Mug Any other mamas out there struggle to actually drink a cup of hot liquid? Coffee is our go to drink in the mornings, but it is a rare occurrence that we get to it or remember where we put it before it unintentionally turns to an iced-coffee. Full-disclosure: this Yeti mug was a gift from a fellow mama last Christmas, but I love it so much, I had to include it in this year’s gift guide. It is well worth the $30 to keep your coffee (or whatever you choose) warm for quite literally hours.

  2. Vejo This little blender is absolutely a gadget. And it is absolutely the best thing ever for the active adult who wants to fuel their body with wholesome ingredients. With blends for every facet of the day, you will be so glad to have this as your sidekick!

  3. Dyson hair dryer My hair dresser uses one of these on me. And I don’t want to live without one of my own. So. Dear Santa….

  4. Neato Robot Vacuum Okay I know this is a pricey one. There are absolutely lesser versions on the market. But this robot vacuum is absolutely worth it’s price tag. The way it maps and allows the setting of cleaning of different zones and “no-go” areas is incredibly helpful and their customer service team is amazing. I will never own another robo vac.

  5. Target bathrobe Alright. Who else lives in bathrobes? Don’t lie. It’s 2020, we know not everyone is getting dressed up on a daily basis. If you’re like me, then first thing in the morning or after your shower at night, you throw a bathrobe on. This one is SO soft, you won’t want to ever take it off of your body. It’s the perfect gift for you, your sister, your mom, M-I-L… you name it. It’s real life comfy cozy.

  6. Pottery Barn faux fur booties These are my all-time favorite slippers. Pottery Barn has often put out a new version of their slippers every year around Christmas and I have loved every single pair. They are soft, cozy and perfect for putzing around the house on a lazy morning (or day, I’ve done it- I’m not judging).

  7. A silent night. I really don’t think this one needs any explanation. Just give us a little peace and quiet, right?

  8. Top knot headband This is such a cute and easy way to get a little dressed up with your hair and keep it out of your face!

  9. Pleather leggings I’ve had my eye on a much more expensive brand’s version of pleather leggings but just haven’t been able to justify the price so I ordered these to see what I thought and I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!

  10. Criss cross back sweater This is so cozy and I love the back of it.

  1. Solo stove We are so excited to get our solo stove. If you’re eyeballing one of these, I would recommend you get on this sooner rather than later as their shipment dates are a little behind. These have popped up on ads for me several times and I have been tempted but didn’t want to pull the trigger at the price. A neighbor had one out in the driveway and let’s just say--worth the price. Mine is shipping December 9 and I can’t wait for it to get here!

  2. Golf Chipping Net Perfect for the golf guy who likes a little bit of an added competition. Bonus: you can set this up in your backyard and take it down incredibly easy (so it doesn’t have to live there year round). It comes with a little bag too, if you decide to store it and only bring it out on occasion. Michael has loved this, especially once the pandemic hit and he wasn’t able to go play a round of golf anymore.

  3. Inversion table This could be a gift for everyone in the house, not just the man. I have yet to use ours (not something I’d recommend while pregnant) but Michael uses it often and LOVES it. My mom also uses one and is the reason we ended up pulling the trigger on this. Inversion tables are great for stretching you out and assisting with back pain, if you have any.

  4. Air Fryer Air fryers have been all the buzz in the last year or so, but there’s good reason why. Thye’re just awesome. This is the one we have and we LOVE it.

  5. 2020 ornament I mean. This is a good chuckle.

  6. Well Told Design makes all kinds of gifts personalized with your favorite cities! Mama Mayhem Blog suggested these! Go check out her list! We think they are such a great idea.

  7. Men’s Fossil Hybrid Smart Watch Elements of tech without walking around with a computer screen on your arm. We love these hybrid smart watches!!

  8. Beard trimmer Anybody else become their man’s barber since the pandemic started? If you’re like us, then you do haircuts at home, which means it may be time to upgrade the utensils you’re using. Added bonus on this boy: it comes with different attachments to help you get after the unruly nose or ear hairs. We know they’re there.

  9. Bug a salt This is a fun one that both of our S.O.s have and use often. If bugs (flies mostly) are a problem in your neck of the woods, this is a bit more of a “fun” way to get after them than just the regular old fly swatter. Because why just swat the fellow when you can air shoot some salt at them?

  10. Handheld massager Do you know an achy brakey man? I do. This was a purchase that has gotten some miles of use out of it. The massager has different strength and pulse settings on it and different attachments to help target different areas. Michael LOVES this thing, and it keeps him from asking me to dig into his tight spots. I call that a win-win.

  1. Cute Stone Color Changing Kitchen Sink Toys We got this for Addison for her birthday but this has definitely been a fan favorite ever since (Landry has one too, which is what prompted the birthday purchase. See: popular kids item). The sink water actually runs and kids can sit and “wash” things in their sink. Addison loved hers so much she ran that motor right on into the ground.

  2. Toddler Slide We got Bitty this slide for her birthday and we all love it. It is sturdy and we love that it will be usable for her for years to come! The ball for the basketball hoop is even included!

  3. The World Needs More Purple People Book If you’ve kept up with the blog at all, then you’ve learned that we are lovers of books. This book piqued our interest because of the message it delivers: embrace what makes you special while finding a common ground with others. I love a book with a good theme to it!

  4. Balls for a ball pit 6 year old me would have DIED for a ball pit and I just have this feeling Addison will too. Fill the tub, a pack and play or inflatable pool with these balls and have INSTANT fun for at least two minutes with your little.

  5. See and spell puzzle Looking for something to challenge your kiddo and their vocabulary/spelling? This puzzle is a fun way to do just that. There are pictures, which will help with sight words, and the letter-matching makes it a fun way to explore letters and words!

  6. Hoverboard This is our tween’s big wish this year!

  7. Pottery Barn Teen Vegan Leather Lounger These are going to be such a great addition to the play room; I’m so excited for these kids to stop dragging furniture and pillows all over my house. These would be a cool option for gaming chairs or older kiddos (like our tween) too!

  8. Easel Such a great gift that grows with them over time. We still have the same easel from when our (now tween) was three!

  9. Doctor activity set This is Bitty’s big wish from Santa this year. This is another purchase I felt okay with making because imaginative play will be something that continues to grow over the years and Melissa & Doug products hold up so well!

  10. Baby alive This will be a fun addition to bathtime! And we love that they come in a variant of options! We appreciate when we have options that enable us to continue to diversify the toys our children see.

  1. Bite Looking for ways to kick the plastic? We recommend bite, an alternative to the regular toothpaste tube. Have your bits delivered straight to your door and do your part for the world by kicking the tube!

  2. Repurpose. Repurpose Kid’s Dinner Set We LOVE these dinner sets. They are plant-based and are mom-made. They have such fun colors to choose from, and you’re doing your part for the world by using these instead of something else. They are microwave and dishwasher safe (we know, this is a HUGE deal). The sets come with a large plate, an insert to divide things up because food touching other food IS A BIG DEAL, a bowl and a cup.

  3. Bee’s Wrap These are a great alternative to plastic wrap or foil for any of your leftover food you need covered!

  4. Plantable pencils How. Fun. Are. These? Like I will be legitimately upset if I don’t end up with these in my stocking or something. These pencils can be planted once they get far enough down that you no longer want to use them. Each pencil tells you what it is that you’ll be seeing pop up in your home garden once you’ve given your green thumb a go! SO FUN!

  5. Dryer friends Dryer sheets are not the most eco-friendly things but these little cactus dryer friends can help you kick the sheet! And look at how cute they are! Wouldn’t it be so fun to peek into your dryer and see these bouncing around?

  6. Zero waste cookbook We haven’t given this cookbook a try, but we are definitely intrigued by the zero-waste aspect of the recipes! This is the perfect gift for the cook who also cares about their footprint.

  7. Fire truck toy Greener items aren’t JUST for the adults! You can find green toy options for your kiddos as well, like this adorable little fire truck!

  8. Eco flow shower head This shower head helps regulate the flow of water to help cut down on your water waste. Such an easy way to do your part for the environment! The shower head detaches and sprays, which is a personal fav in our house (we have three dogs so this feature is INCREDIBLY helpful). Plus, it’s definitely an upgrade from the standard shower head most showers come with.

  9. Reusable water bottle We love a good reusable water bottle! Who else has whole cabinets full of them? The patterns offered on these are so fun too!

  10. Recycled materials comforter We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home, so why not upgrade the bedding with something that is made with recycled materials?

  1. Face roller With natural anti inflammatory properties, this will feel like the perfect accomplice to your moisturizing and/or skincare routine. Take care of the skin you’re in!

  2. Wireless ear buds This is the pair of headphones Britt wears every night when working out. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a product that works well. These are awesome and my favorite part is that they charge in their case with a battery indicator to show you where their battery life stands!

  3. Dry shampoo (Billie) They’re not all made equally. We love that Billie offers two shades of their dry shampoo-a light and a dark!

  4. Native deodorant We both use native deodorant! This charcoal one is awesome and could be a fun option as a stocking stuffer and for those who are interested in making the clean switch!

  5. Poop timer Do you have a long-pooper in your house? This makes the perfect “gag” (but not really a gag because holy moly, sh*t or get off the pot, am I right?) for a stocking stuffer.

  6. Eyebrow/Eyelash kit Anybody else as obsessed with rose gold as we are? I love this little set for days when I actually want to put makeup on. It comes with everything you need to get your primp on!

  7. Multicultural Crayons If your kids are as artistic as Addison, then they will definitely love these crayons! We got these for Addi and they didn’t last long with how quickly she got her picasso on with them!

  8. Go Find it game This is such a fun way to get the whole family out and doing something together. These cards prompt you on what to look for and then you “Go find it!”

  9. Face washer Sometimes you just can’t get a good enough clean with just your hands and face wash. Give one to everyone! Everybody washes their face (or should!).

  10. Lululemon Uplifting Scrunchie Bow I have a white one of these and want every color. My hair is thick and heavy but I feel like this scrunchie holds it, during my workouts. And it makes me feel a little cuter than I normally would in the gym.

Love the ideas but need more? We get it. Head to our Amazon Shop or our to shop some of our other favs for this holiday season!

**Please note, we use affiliate links, which means if you purchase something we’ve linked out, we receive a commission from it. BUT we never ever, never promote items that we don’t know and love ourselves.**


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