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Still doing the work, part 3

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

We decided to change it up a little this week and instead of bringing you another book, we’re bringing you a way to bring a little diversity into your little’s crafts and art. But, rest easy, if you love the books, we have plenty that we are going to share along the way, so we’ll be back with that.

One of Addison’s other passions, outside of reading, is coloring. She loves to sit and color anything she can, she doesn’t discriminate. The floors, paper, the cabinets, the walls…. You name it, it’s been colored on by our favorite little OFTL (Oh Four the Love) red head.

Because she doesn’t discriminate with WHERE her coloring takes place (Addison truly believes the world is her canvas), I thought it would be encouraging to not have her color options be discriminatory either. So, to do that, we decided to get her “multicultural” Crayons to use with her art ventures.

She is still so young that she might not even notice that these colors weren’t options before. But we have to talk about it anyway. We have to choose to bring light about these things to our children. Because some people don’t get the option of shying away from race conversations. It is, quite literally, life or death for some of our friends and family.

In getting her these colors, I hope that we can open her eyes and use this as a teaching moment, not just now, but every time she decides to get a little crafty.

So now when she colors on my walls, at least we will be including a rainbow of cultures to showcase.

We got these from Amazon because we’re still physically distancing and don’t want to go out in public if it’s not essential, but I am almost positive there are other options out there that would serve the same purpose if you feel like shopping around a bit.


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