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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Schools are closed. Entertainment venues are locked. Stores are ghost towns. And the walls kind of feel like they’re closing in.

So, what now?!

Guys. Enough is enough. I don’t know about you but we are ready to find some semblance of normalcy at our house. As part of that, we decided we needed a short list of attainable things we can be doing to make sure that both ourselves and our littles are getting what we need during this time of *physical* distancing. (As a side: Anyone else refuting the term “social distancing”? We are very much physically distancing ourselves from the world (and even loved ones) to take our job as protectors and potential carriers very seriously. But we are not *socially* distancing ourselves. We are calling friends, video chatting cousins, sending recordings to grandparents, and trying to maintain as much social interaction as we can because it’s healthy and necessary.)

Now back to the topic at hand...

No school means we carry the full time weight of making sure our kiddos get the daily input and challenge that they need to continue to learn and grow.

Don’t let this overwhelm you!! There are all kinds of super in depth schedules floating around the internet world with rigid suggestions for structuring your days to try and make your home feel more like school. We say: toss them out. It’s overwhelming and you’ll spend so much of your day trying to make sure you’re following your agenda that you’ll hardly have time to enjoy it.

We have compiled a list of 5 simple things we think you can use to navigate your days for the days and weeks to come. Our favorite part? This is a “one size fits all” checklist; anyone from the tiniest little to the leader of the ship can use the same list!

Here they are:

1. Something for your body.

2. Something for your brain.

3. Something for your happy.

4. Something for others.

5. Something outside.

It may seem so simple, now that you’ve read it, but these five things are truly all you need.

Something for your body-do a mommy and me yoga class off of YouTube, go for a walk, make an antioxidant packed smoothie, take a nap.

Something for your brain-read part of that book that’s been collecting dust on your bedside table, let the kids sort toy cars by color (did you know this is a pre algebra skill for little ones?), do a puzzle, build letters out of cereal, learn to play a new game.

Something for your happy-take a bubble bath, go for a run, have a dance party, pick some flowers, eat a special treat, stare blankly at a wall. Literally, whatever makes you happy.

Something for others-call a loved one or friend, make cookies and “deliver” them to family members working from home, write a note/draw a picture of encouragement on your sidewalk with chalk, do a chore, clean something up. There are so many ways we can safely serve the people in our households and communities.

Something outside-this is probably our most crucial suggestion. We all need vitamin D, you guys. We need to provide space to opt outside daily. It’s so important. Have a picnic in the backyard, go for a walk (remember to keep your distance from passers by), color with chalk, invite your spouse to have a cocktail with you on the patio, go run in the rain puddles. Whatever it looks like for you or your family: GET OUTSIDE. Your brain and body will thank you.

We are all navigating our new normals and making it up as we go. We hope this “schedule” will help you to remember this is all each of us truly needs—body, brain, happy, others, and Oh, Four the Love GET (safely) OUTSIDE. Do these five things each day and give the rest to the universe.

Need fun fresh ideas to help you check your five boxes? Head over to our “Quarantivities” list for 51 ways to incorporate a little fun in your days!

Tag us in your daily five to show us what you’re doing! Let’s inspire one another through the coming unchartered days!


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