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Sinking around

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

One of the gifts we purchased for Addison for her birthday was the cutest little play sink that you can fill with water and have it actually run.

Addison has always been a fan of water. She loves the hell out of bath time, pool time and splashing around in our dogs’ water bowls, so we had a "sinking" (HA, see what I did there?) suspicion that she would love splashing around in this little toy sink.

Well, suspicions confirmed! This little play sink is a winner in our house.

It does create quite the mess, so if you plan to play with it indoors, consider laying some towels down and having an outfit change ready to go when you’re all done.

The sink’s faucet turns off and on, allowing water to cycle through and flow, which makes for “rinsing” plates, cups, forks and knives (which all came with the sink), that much more fun! It runs on two AA batteries, so make sure you have those on hand. The “dinnerware” is also heat sensitive, so when you run the hot water over them, they turn white. Addison hasn’t realized this yet, but I’d imagine as she gets a little older, this will be a super fun feature to keep playing with.

We love to set our play sink up in our yard, driveway or garage (if we need a break from the sun) to have the added bonus of a little outside time, if the weathers nice. And setting it up outside means we get to keep our tile floors from getting too slippery. The best part is that it actually entertains Addison for quite some time! It really has been a lifesaver when I need to get something done (i.e. cook dinner, clean doorknobs for the 1000th time or use the bathroom) and need to be handsfree for a bit.

All in all, we love our toy sink and would highly recommend it, if your little likes to splash around, too!

Find the one made by Cute Stone that we purchased here, and happy splashing!


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