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  • Megan

Put a sound machine in every damn room

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Alright guys. Let’s talk about sound machines. Do you use one for your little? Do you use one for yourself?

We had never had a sound machine, personally, but we do always sleep with three separate fans on for the noise factor. Once we got pregnant, I started looking into sound machines as an option, because you know- anything we can do to make our babies sleep a little bit longer, I am 100% here for.

I came across the Hatch Rest sound machine and decided that was the way we were going to go. I liked that it came with various sound options, as well as a couple of different light colors you could choose from (and you can dim or brighten it to fit your seeing needs).

Once we had Addison and we were room-sharing, I almost didn’t want to put her in her own room because that meant I had to give the sound machine up. These things are MAGICAL, for baby, sure, but also for mama and dada.

The machine itself has buttons on the bottom of it that allow you to turn it on, cycle through the different sounds and colors, and also control the volume and brightness of said colors. It also has a touch ring at the top of it that allows you to turn it on and off from there directly. If you tap the ring, it will change the colors and sounds. I don’t mess with this ring except to turn it on. Otherwise, the touch ring is lava. My fat fingers always change us off our favorite color/sound setting and then I can’t ever seem to get us back.

If you don’t want to use the buttons on the machine and are a little more technically savvy, there is an app that goes along with it. The app allows you to set favorite programs so that you can easily navigate to a certain sound/light combo.

At this phase of our lives, we only use the sound machine for sleeping. So, our favorite combo is no light and the “TV” setting, that sounds the most like white noise. I imagine, though, as Addison gets a little bit older, the colors on the machine will be a fun “night light” for her.

Some other features include being able to set a wake up, nap, nighttime/program with specific sounds and colors for each and a timer to have the machine go off after a certain amount of time.

Living in the “country” in Texas, we get heavy thunderstorms pretty frequently. If I could change ANYTHING about this sound machine, it would be that it has backup batteries so that baby’s sleep is not interrupted when the power inevitably goes out.

All in all, the Hatch Rest sound machine is incredibly easy to use and helps my little nugget nap and sleep like a baby boss.


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