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  • Megan

I’m scheduled out

For the love of all things holy, please don’t make me schedule one more call. One more zoom. One more FaceTime. One more anything. I can’t do it; I can’t handle having one more thing on my plate to keep track of.

Does anybody else feel this way? Like spontaneity has gone right out the window with the rest of our 2020 plans? I know that this is necessary, mostly, because of the nature of this year. But my god, I just can’t do it.

My days are full of keeping a schedule, I mean… I have a toddler after all. I spend my entire momming existence maintaining a consistent schedule for Addison so that she has a (somewhat) structured day and comes to know what to expect (i.e. nap time routine, bedtime routine, mealtime routine). Since starting to do a little freelance work, I also maintain a work schedule, which if you’re a working-from-home-mom with the luxury of a flexible work schedule, you know it never stops.

It has gotten to the point where I even have to schedule “me time” every Sunday night after Addison goes down to make sure I am allowing myself to be just me for an hour or two every week. I call it self-care Sunday. And it is scheduled.

It feels like every second of my days is scheduled- either with work or with family life. And perhaps that’s my type-A shining through. Keeping a schedule allows me to keep things straight and make sure everything that needs to get done actually does get done. I wish I was one of those “just go with the flow” ladies…. But with people depending on me (and the fact that I’m just, well, not) I don’t have the luxury of trying that laid-back hat on for size.

But I have reached a new peak of “F this.”

It seems like as of late, we are having to schedule our social lives as well. This happens naturally when you have young children. You have to take time to schedule a social life because your entire life revolves around your little tiny human...

But I feel like it’s gone a step further lately. Is it just me?

Here’s what I mean- instead of a friend just calling to call and say “hi.” Our calls are now scheduled. Instead of a random FaceTime because someone just wanted to see my or Addison’s face, our FaceTimes now have to be scheduled.

I. Am. Scheduled. TF out.

Please, for the love, can we get a little of our spontaneity back? Can we just pick up the phone and call people to check in without having to schedule it two-weeks in advance? Can we agree that phones are magical in that they keep track of who calls, and if it’s not a good time for me, for whatever reason, I won’t answer, but I will call you back? Can we stop scheduling every aspect of our lives for just a moment?

Scheduling calls, zoom meetings, skypes, FaceTimes, you name it’s with family members and friends makes it just one more thing I have to add to my to-do list. It no longer feels fun or enjoyable for me, because it’s another thing I have to keep track of and make sure gets done. It becomes another thing to tick off, instead of just catching up with a friend.

And if I have to back out again, for whatever reason (which happens A LOT. Sometimes my toddler turns into a tiny pterodactyl and then I just don’t want to), it makes me feel like an absolutely awful friend for letting somebody else down. And then guess what we have to do as a result?

Schedule another damn call to make up for it.

For the love guys, I cannot handle one more thing being added to my already overstuffed schedule.

So, can we just stop? Can we take a break? Can you just pick up the phone and call me if you want to talk to me? If you want to hear my voice, let’s chat. If you want to see my face, god bless you! I can’t promise it’s put together but let’s do it. I promise I’ll do the same.


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