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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

To the girl who sees everyone else:

I see you.

I see you show up for others, in their moments of crisis.

I see you, with your pom-poms out and your game face on, when someone needs a cheerleader.

I see your exhausted yawns, as you pick up the phone and holster one more heartache.

I see you setting aside your own fears to pick up the fears of another; to help them tackle one more day.

I see you being strong, when those around you waver.

I see you blazing trails, with a blank road map of your own.

I see you being brave, while you crumble inside.

I see you.

And I want you to remember: the girl who’s busy seeing everyone else sometimes needs to be seen, too.

And that’s okay.

I’ve been watching.

I’ve got a hug on hold.

And I’ll see you.

While you see everyone else.


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