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Alexa, upgrade my laundry room

My laundry room was a space that, when we built this house, we decided to skip having the builder do any built-ins or upgrades because their pricing seemed absolutely unreasonable. “Skip it and we will find a cheaper way to do it on our own.”

I definitely stand by that, now that it’s done, but there was a lot of life lived in between the time we moved in and the time we finally pulled the trigger on making this space work for our needs.

For years, there was a random writing desk (which always housed loads of dumped laundry), a folding hamper, and a vintage sewing stool. Don’t ask. I really don’t know.

The benefit of it being this way for years is that it gave me ample time to understand what we needed in this space. All of my visions begin with a haphazard sketch so I took pencil to paper and got to it. I made a sketch and then had it turned into something I wouldn’t be too embarrassed to show to a local carpenter who has helped to make several custom pieces for our house. He’s typically handled furniture for us but I sent him my idea and asked if he could build me a cabinet that could be braced to the wall and look like a built in that could have been there all along. Thank goodness he was totally up for it. With measurements and a vision in hand, he was off!

While our amazing carpenter got to work, so did I. I decided I wanted all the cabinetry painted our trim color, to make it more cohesive, mask the two slightly different cabinet faces, and keep the space lighter. With the blue on the walls and a dark stain, I was afraid it might make this space feel small. So I got to work on our existing cabinets.

Once my part was done, I patiently (see also: anxiously) waited for the new cabinet addition to be ready. Let me say: it was worth the wait. Our fabulous carpenter nailed it and this space almost makes laundry enjoyable. *Almost*.

After a few decorative and functional touches, this space is complete.

Are there any housejects you’ve been dragging your feet on? I’d encourage you to grab the bull by the horns and go for it! It’s so worth it, when it’s done.



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